How does it work?

What is GigaTribe?

GigaTribe is file sharing software for communities.
It allows your community members to share files among themselves in a private and secure way.
More than 1.5 million people have already chosen GigaTribe to share files with friends, family and their web communities.
This is the best way for any webmaster to let their members share any files with no constraint.

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What is GT-Cash?

GT-Cash is GigaTribe affiliation program.
It's very easy to use, just sign up and receive a unique ID and html code to insert in your web page(s) in the form of banner(s) and text link(s).
The traffic you send to will create GigaTribe free accounts tracked with your ID.
As soon as your GigaTribe user buy paying version you receive a commission for the sale.

Why work with us?

  • GT-Cash pays 50% of each GigaTribe Ultimate subscriptions you generate.
  • This is a unique viral program by which your GigaTribe users automatically recruit new users for you with no limit and time!
  • Every of your GigaTribe free user is potential profit generator.
  • Comprehensive and transparent stats.
  • Designed for communities and niches.
  • Any inquiry will be treated in a very fast way.

How much will I be paid?

We pay our webmasters 50% of the net sales and rebills.
Net sale = Customer price minus Biller fees and Taxes.

  • Minimum payout is set to 50 EUR/USD.
Ultimate licence 1 Year 2 Years Monthly subscription SMS
Customer price 35.9 € $39.99 59.99 € $59.99 4.99 € $5.99 Variable Variable
Your Commission
$1.00 = 0.91 € 1.00 € = $1.1
11 € $12.07 17 € $18.66 1.5 € $1.65 1.16 € $1.27

How well does GigaTribe convert?

100 clicks => 20 free accounts => 1 paying version.
It's a unique conversion rate compared to the others, designed for communities and niches.
Get rid of your old non profitable banners right away.

How does GT-Cash track your traffic and sales?

We provide html code and banners with your unique ID.
You insert the banner(s) and the link(s) on your website for visitor to click on.
After a click on the banner we save a GigaTribe cookie on the visitor's computer.
When the visitor creates a GigaTribe user account, we check the cookie for linking the new user to your unique ID.
The link between the new user and your unique ID has NO limit of time.
Even after cleaning from the computer we will keep tracking your ID.
Besides this, with the viral diffusion, your GigaTribe users will broadcast your unique ID to new GigaTribe members they recruit.
Every sale made from GigaTribe user, tracked by your ID, will generate a commission.

Do I need to create several accounts to track different banners and/or sites results?

One single account can be divided in different subaccounts.
Every subaccount has its own tracking link so that you get separated stats for one payment.

More money with the webmasters referral program!

Promote GT-Cash among webmasters and make 10% of all the commissions that they generate.
If you refer a GT-Cash webmaster which is generating $5000 in commission earning then you earn $500!

How to become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is easy and free. Fill out our online application form to become a member.